Broker David Griffin, founder of David Griffin & Company Realtors, named one of D CEO Magazine’s, the “Dallas 500”

David Griffin, founder of David Griffin & Company Realtors, was named one of D CEO Magazine’s, “Dallas 500” in what promises to be, “a business bible for the region,” according to Wick Allison, CEO of D Magazine Partners.  

Allison writes,  “Dallas 500 provides capsule introductions to the most powerful business men and women in Dallas-Fort Worth.”  Allison continues, “the book is organized by industry and profession… and in that regard is not so much a publication as… a meeting place.”  He adds, “Peers need to know one another.  In a city, it is vital we know one another.”

Griffin said, “It is a great honor to be counted among a select group of six peers in the “Residential Real Estate Executives” category.  One of the unique aspects of the publication is the way it introduces its subjects through both a personal and a professional lens.  Besides offering people’s educational background and a sound bite of their best advice, you get an overview of people’s hobbies, passions, toughest challenges, even their beverage of choice!”
Continuing, Griffin said, “I am a Dallas native and have loved real estate and everything to do with cities and ‘home’  since I was a boy.  What I’d never seen until the past decade, however, is such a collective and united desire to take the city to the next level.  I have relished the opportunities presented to me as a business leader to affect positive change.”
“Besides running a real estate brokerage firm for over three decades that has sold almost $3 billion worth of real estate, I have had the opportunity to work on game changing civic projects.  I was the co-chair of the capital campaign for the Katy Trail which resulted in the building of David Way’s Plaza at Knox Street and the Thompson Overlook, connecting the trail into Riverchon Park.”

“Currently, I co-chair the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.  The Institute produces an annual Festival of Ideas for the city as well as an annual Martin Luther King symposium among other educational programs for citizens and teachers. It’s been a great way for me to connect with my inner English major!”

When asked about 2016, Griffin says, “We are fortunate to live in a city that continues to ‘stretch’.  That translates into a new urbanity attracting well educated and sophisticated millinnials and inspired civic projects, such as the Trinity River Corridor, that bring added humanity to living in Dallas.”
“I like to sing and there’s a wonderful song recorded years ago by Sinatra called, ‘The Best is Yet to Come.’  That’s the way I feel about Dallas!”

David Griffin & Company is a division of Virginia Cook Realtors.