Highland Park

Highland Park tops the A-list of neighborhoods in Dallas. It’s safe to say that this exclusive enclave with its limited land area has the highest property values of any neighborhood in the city.

Not even most lifelong Dallasites know the reason Highland Park and neighboring University Park have been able to remain independent of Dallas since being incorporated as towns in the early 20th century. The rule was that if Dallas surrounded a town, then Dallas would have the right to annex it. Dallas has never been able to surround Highland Park because part of the township’s boundary is its sister city University Park.

The boundary lines of Highland Park are irregular. Roughly its eastern line is the Katy Trail. Its northern boundary is Mockingbird or Potomac (just north of Mockingbird). Its southern boundary is the north side of Armstrong beginning at the Trail and then zigzagging up to Fitzhugh at Lakeside and St. Johns and cutting back into Westway west of Preston Rd and reaching almost Lemmon along Lomo Alto. The western boundary is one block east of the North Dallas Tollway.

Among the amenities of the township are its famous Highland Park Independent School District (which also serves University Park) and the equally famous Highland Park Village shopping center. The school system ranks nationally for superb educational standards and results. "The Village," as it’s known by locals, is historically important for being the first suburban shopping center in the U.S. that opened onto interior streets as opposed to being a shopping strip.

The area of the township east of Preston Road (which was originally a cattle trail!) is known as Old Highland Park. Lots tend to be a bit larger here. The parks along Lakeside Drive and St. Johns are among the loveliest in Dallas and benefit from superb landscaping and maintenance. The town hall building is an impressive Spanish Revival building and is located on Drexel at Euclid.

Currently homes in Highland Park average well over $1 million. Some homes, if they came up for resale, would exceed $20 million in value.


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