Individual Relocations

Whether your move is job related or not, our relocation specialists can help with your move and get you settled into your new neighborhood. We are specially suited if you groove on older neighborhoods, close to downtown proximity, and the urban beat.

What is a relocation department? A relocation department consists of salaried professionals in non-selling roles that work as your advocate to address the housing and human needs of moving into or out of the city. Specifically we will assess the individual needs of you and/or your family, and then provide you with great fact filled and informative area information relating to neighborhoods, schools and housing options. We will select a relocation professional matched to your specific needs to ensure you get a great fit when you are ready to make a move.

Moving to Dallas: If you are thinking about moving to one of the great urban or close to downtown neighborhoods in Dallas, David Griffin & Company in particular can help you address all of your questions. We not only pride ourselves in knowing where the best homes are found, we can also show you where the fullest lives are lived. “Where will I do my shopping, what are my options in educating my children, what’s there to do on the weekends?” These are only a few of the many questions you will have. Our relocation professionals and their families make their homes, school their kids and work for civic causes in the neighborhoods where we work. If you want to know the ins and outs of Dallas’ premiere in-town neighborhood, a David Griffin & Company professional can give you the answers you seek.

Moving from Dallas: Wherever you are moving David Griffin & Company relocation can assist. We can sell your property in Dallas and connect you with a trained relocation professional in any community across the country. Let us help make your move out of Dallas as stress free as possible.


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