Jack Carter

Jack Carter has over 20 years experience in residential real estate. He joined David Griffin & Company as an agent in 1990 and represents properties in the Turtle Creek, Uptown, Bluffview, M Streets, north Oak Cliff, and Park Cities neighborhoods. Jack attended Highland Park High School and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in economics.

"I got a degree in economics as a pre-law school plan but what I really wanted to study was architecture. Since economics is a liberal arts degree, I was able to take some architecture courses in my junior and senior years. I did well in them and somehow lost interest in law school. Although I worked as an economist for several years I finally found a career that combined both areas of interest - real estate! As a result, I feel that I bring a creative viewpoint to buying and selling while keeping a sharp eye on the bottom line. It is a unique approach that I think my clients really appreciate."

When he has the time Jack loves to travel. He feels that it not only gives him the much needed rest and relaxation but also offers a new opportunity to see the architecture of the world!

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