Outer Suburbs

Dallas, along with nearby Fort Worth and their dozens of suburbs, form a vast metropolis, the Metroplex, that is home to over six million residents. With the area’s explosive growth, developers have pushed the city out in all directions with new subdivisions and have taken what once were sleepy villages and made them bustling suburban towns. Richardson, Plano, Southlake, Colleyville, and Allen north and west of Dallas are now very popular options for buyers relocating into the city.

Plano is probably the best known and largest of Dallas' northern suburbs. It is a bedroom community of exemplary schools, excellent shopping, and beautiful subdivisions, often built around a golf course. Southlake and Colleyville have been based on a similar model; however, Southlake has seen the influences of New Urbanism, which incorporates a town center and mixed use zoning.


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